Fight, Stop and Roll back all types of Sharia

Islamic law, Sharia, is opposed to secular, democratic laws and humanistic values. It is not only discriminatory towards Muslim women, it demands Muslims to actively oppose democracy, and to fight, enslave and kill non- Muslims. By allowing Sharia into our societies, no matter in how small quantities, we are giving breathing air to a system that ultimately aims at our destruction. It also sends a welcoming signal to Islamic fundamentalists, that they can come and live without having to assimilate to our SOCIETIES and VALUES. It sends a signal to both Muslims and non-Muslims and democratic, humanistic values are worth less than the foreign and medieval, religious laws of a brutal religion.

Secure Freedom has identified 146 U.S. court cases in which an attempt was made to use Sharia to decide the dispute. In one in five instances, the judge agreed. We expect those numbers to grow. And recently, a group of Muslims in northern Texas tried to establish the first official "Islamic tribunal" to dispense Shariah law in the United States.

How can this be happening in our country?

It's because of a clever technique used by a particularly dangerous Islamic supremacist group, the Muslim Brotherhood. They call it "civilization jihad," a term that describes how the Brotherhood is aiming at, in their words, "eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within."

Here are some of the ways the civilization jihadist leaders are stealthily trying to take us down:

  • Islamist are placing Muslim Brothers into positions as advisors to and, in some cases as employees of, our government - placements that facilitate their insidious influence operations.
  • Islamist​ seek to prevent our free speech - particularly the kind that might allow us to understand and effectively counteract their secretive assaults on our country and its institutions.
  • Islamist are trying to use the "Common Core" curriculum - our children's textbooks - to promote Islamic supremacist in our academic institutions.
  • Islamist are working to insinuate Sharia into U.S. courts and establish their own parallel "Islamic tribunals" to subvert our rule of law and Constitution.
  • Islamist are using our immigration system - especially our refugee resettlement program - to engage in what the Islamic supremacists call the hijra, a Muslim colonization of America.
  • Islamist enlist leaders of other faiths through so-called "interfaith dialogue" to obscure and enable what is fundamentally a subversive political, not a legitimate religious, agenda. And,
  • Islamist​ use what is known as "Sharia-Compliant Finance" to penetrate and coopt our capitalist system.
While the Europeans are further down the tubes than we are at the moment, I think you'll agree there is reason to believe we are catching up. For example:
  • Many national food chains are selling unmarked Sharia-compliant "Halal" meat (the animal is ritually-slaughtered by a Muslim who sacrifices it to Allah), unbeknownst to most Americans who are buying and consuming it.
  • Our own U.S. Treasury Dept. has hosted in its headquarters a course called "Islam Finance 101" to promote Sharia-compliant financial activities. And today, most of our major banks and financial institutions - including one-time government-owned and taxpayer-funded AIG - offer "Sharia-Compliant" products that are overseen by Muslim "scholars" to ensure they comply with Islamic law.
  • Some public and taxpayer-funded university gyms are now providing separate hours for male and female swimming . . . to comply with Sharia laws for Islamic followers.
  • Several years ago, at a Tyson's chicken processing plant in Tennessee, the American Labor Day holiday was REPLACED with an Islamic religious holiday. A public outcry forced the company to reverse that decision, but it did so by making accommodations for both holidays.
  • A New Jersey judge denied a protective order to a Moroccan-American woman being systematically beaten and tortured by her Muslim husband on the grounds that he was just practicing his faith according to Sharia. And in Virginia, an Islamic school operating under Sharia not only ignored the reports by a little girl that she was being molested by her father, but the principal sent her home for him to "handle it".
  • A Muslim father murdered his two daughters in Houston a few years ago in an act known as "honor killing" for dating American boys. Others are having their girls' genitals mutilated - yes, here in the United States.

So you can see why it is so critical to the future of America to participate in this unprecedented national effort. We must shine the light of day on how supremacist Islam and Sharia are gaining ground. And we must get millions of our fellow citizens behind our effort to prevent Sharia from taking hold here and to counter the jihad of all kinds in America. This is an example of Islamic supremacists and their Sharia agenda.

We, here in the United States need to call your State Legislators in Washington, D.C. to voice your opinion.