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                               What You Need To Know | President Trump Secures an Agreement with Guatemala to Help Stop Flood of Migrants at Our Border

President Trump has secured an agreement with Guatemala to have migrants apply for asylum there rather than in the U.S. – continuing his efforts to stop the dire crisis at our southern border.

· Thanks to President Trump’s efforts, migrants traveling through Guatemala will apply for asylum there rather than at our border.

o For example, a Honduran family or an El Salvadoran national will apply for asylum in Guatemala rather than making the journey to the U.S.

· Migrants that do make the journey to our southern border will be removed back to Guatemala to apply for asylum there.

· This agreement will help lift the burden on our overwhelmed resources at the border and protect the integrity of the asylum system.

This agreement will further efforts to combat the violent human smuggling organizations that are exploiting migrants for profit.

· This agreement will further our efforts to break the grip of human smuggling organizations that put migrants in danger by bringing them on the long journey to our southern border.

o Women and children migrants have been known to suffer horrible violence at the hands of these organizations.

· DHS recently signed another agreement with Guatemala to target human smuggling organizations.

· This new agreement will build off those efforts by providing migrants with protections in Guatemala rather than turning to human smugglers to bring them to our border.

President Trump continues to take action to address the dire crisis at our southern border, while Congressional Democrats have done nothing.

· President Trump, Mexico, and now Guatemala have done more to solve this crisis than Congressional Democrats.

· This follows the agreement President Trump secured with Mexico to crack down on the surge of illegal aliens flooding to our southern border.

o Mexico has sent thousands of soldiers to their border to stop migrants from making their way to the U.S.

· While President Trump was busy securing this deal with Guatemala, House Democrats were gone on a six-week vacation – leaving without doing anything meaningful to solve this crisis.

· House Democrats’ day vs. the President’s day:


Asylum and Internal Relocation Guidance

A message sent by the acting director to USCIS asylum officers regarding asylum and internal relocation guidance.

Release Date: July 26, 2019

The crisis at our Southern border continues to be severe. Every day, USCIS faces an unprecedented number of aliens overwhelming our asylum system, many of whom are ineligible for asylum and are attempting to enter and remain in the country in violation of our laws. This guidance further clarifies current regulations and policies that are already in place regarding internal relocation of an alien in their home country, eliciting testimony for credible fear screenings, and documenting outcomes. As detailed in the Department of State country conditions reports for these countries, private violence is not pervasive across the entirety of each Northern Triangle country. I am writing to provide a reminder of the importance of assessing a person’s ability to safely relocate to another part of his or her home country. This is an important regulatory factor in the consideration of credible fear screenings and determinations.

When confronted with evidence of private violence, you must consider whether internal relocation is possible. 8 CFR 208.13(b)(3) provides that factors adjudicators should consider include but are not limited to “whether the applicant would face other serious harm in the place of relocation; ongoing civil strife in the country; administrative, economic or judicial infrastructure; geographic limitations; and social and cultural constraints such as age, gender, health and social and family ties.”

Many of the cases arising at the Southern border are cases of individuals that are willing to engage in costly and dangerous international travel – neither of which would be necessary if they sought refuge within their home country, particularly given the fact that there are areas that are generally very safe within each of the countries that currently make up the bulk of our credible fear cases. Asylum officers should be eliciting testimony to determine if the alien attempted to internally relocate to any safe areas prior to the alien’s travel to the United States.

The Asylum Division work is very important, and your dedication to the mission has not gone unnoticed. If you have any questions concerning the procedures contained in the memorandum, please contact Asylum Headquarters. Thank you for your continued commitment to our mission and to safeguarding the integrity of the U.S. immigration system.