It was my honor to present these appreciation certificates to our officers for a job well done. Our officers execute projects, going above and beyond their job and their responsibilities to achieve specific performance goals

Our sheriff giving our group information detailing how they maintain order, catching lawbreakers and enforcing the law impartially, and protect life, liberty property, human rights, and dignity to the members of the public.

This plaque was presented to our sheriff who is dedicated to protecting and serving the community, for his devotion and hard work. He is truly an important part of our community.

Our gratitude goes out to him for his tireless and consistent service to the public.




Jennifer designed a basket full of goodies for our organization to present to the sheriff and his officers to enjoy. Our officers placed thank you notes inside the basket thanking him for a job well done and for keeping us safe. The basket was done up beautifully decorated with a nice red bow of red white and blue colors.


Marilyn donated 2 baskets of "Thank You

Treats" for the Sheriff and his Department to enjoy as Tokens of Appreciation. Said she learned police officers cared for us when she was in grade school and that respect was instilled by her parents and society.

Teaching the principles of limited government and separation of powers in the U.S. Constitution. When the American Founders wrote the United States Constitution of 1787, they created a new form of government.

Our courses consisted of the Framer's view of the Constitution derived from the Biblical view of truth. The Bible, many believed, provided instruction on the characteristics of a righteous civil magistrate, conceptions of liberty, and the rights and responsibilities of citizens, including the right of resistance to tyrannical rule.

How do we approach the restoration of the American Constitutional Republic?

A constitutional republic is a state in which the head of state and other officials are representatives of the people. ... If the people choose by-election the head(s) of state and other officials, then the state is a republic. 

The Constitution does two things, First, it delegates certain enumerated 

powers to the Federal government.

Second it separates those powers among three branches. Most people understand

the secondary principle of the separation of powers. But they don't grasp the primary idea of delegated and enumerated powers.