Letters from Members

July 1, 2019

The Honorable Jerrold Nadler

2132 Rayburn House Office Building

Independence Ave. & S. Capitol St., SW

Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Representative Nadler:

Our organization is concerned about the push to further investigate President Trump and to require him to release his tax records.

Those of our members who have read the Mueller report have not seen any proof of collusion between President Trump and Russia. Americans are being told that Congressman Adam Schiff has evidence of collusion. Where are the materials? Why haven’t they been produced for review? Having spent millions of dollars and about two years investigating and producing a report which showed “no collusion” and no call for impeachment, allegations persist. Is this Democratic propaganda to allow continued investigations in order to find “something” on President Trump? The leaders of our nation need to cooperate and focus on solving the problems of our country rather than putting time and money into beating a dead horse.

As for demands for the President to make his tax records public, an impressive evaluative process is already in place - and hundreds of leaders in the Senate and House of Representatives refuse to release their tax records. According to Representative Brady, a yearly financial disclosure is in place and “the president and the vice president are yearly investigated by the IRS.”

Yet, Nancy Pelosi who holds a very powerful governmental position refuses to release her tax records. This is a double standard and weaponization of the tax code. The law clearly safeguards private taxpayers from Congressional examination and making tax records public for purely partisan reasons. If Congress can violate this safeguard for tax returns of the president, its members will not hesitate to do so for anyone they view as a political opponent. A dangerous precedent would be set which would make the law of no effect.

A basic principle of leadership is leading by example. Therefore, we request that every Congress member on the House Judiciary Committee release his/her income tax records to the American people for review. By releasing your tax records, you are setting an example for all who hold, or wish to hold, a position in our government. Once you have provided your tax records, it will be clear that your motivation is transparency and finding the truth rather than partisan politics and abuse of power.


Gerrye Johnston


                    “We in America do not have government by the majority,

                      we have government by the majority who participate.”

                                                   Thomas Jefferson-1743

cc: President Donald Trump