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Islam in America - BEWARE

Philip Haney, a retired Homeland Security officer, co-author of "See Something Say Nothing"

and student of Islamic history said Dhimmitude can be brought in gradually through peaceful means if people are willing to SUBMIT voluntarily and refuse to defend their CULTURE against Islam's claims of superiority.

A favorite tactic of Islamic leaders is to present Muslims living in Western democracies as an "oppressed" people.

This strategy comes straight from the Quran, Haney said, in the doctrine of "fitna", an Arabic

word translated as "persecution" or "oppression". Basically, anyone who opposes the implementation of Sharia law is guilty of causing "fitna". he said.

The concept of fitna gets its authority from Quran 8:39, which states, "And fight them until persecution (fitna) is not more, and religion is all for Allah. But if they cease, then lo! Allah is Seer of what they do. The phrase "if they cease" is a reference to the dhimmis who agree to become second-class citizen subservient to Islam, essentially a conquered people, he said.

"This pact is called a dhimma and the people who live under it are the dhimmis. The dhimma

is a pact of protection and says, basically, "If you do everything we tell you, we won't kill you,

Haney said. "However, if any of the terms of the contract are broken, then the people of Islam

have the right to do anything that is authorized by Sharia Law.".

Sharia provides rules, based on the Quran, for how Muslims should deal with people who are defiant and rebellious in an Islamic society.

The concept of 'voluntary dhimmitude'

While most "conquering" throughout history has been done by military means, Islam will be happy to implement Sharia peacefully if Americans, Europeans or Canadians are willing to let them walk in and demand to be treated as superior, Haney said.

In military conquests, Quran 5-31-33 provides specific detail on what Muslims are allowed to do to a rebellious non-Muslim who refuses to live in submission to Islam.

credit to: WND.COM